Video:  Talk with Martenero Founder, John Tarantino

Video: Talk with Martenero Founder, John Tarantino

In a rare treat, Martenero Watches Founder, John Tarantino visited WatchGauge HQ to help me introduce his brand onto WatchGauge!

With a clean, contemporary approach to their designs, Martenero Watches are versatile, and while they have a modern take on watch designing, it is easy to see that the styles will stand the test of time and become instant classics. 

John and I discuss his approach to watch designing, the finer details of his watches, and what motivates his decisions in the aesthetics and technical aspects of the different models.

And finally, we are proud to announce the partnership between Martenero and WatchGauge.  To celebrate the partnership, we are offering two models from the brand. 

The Kerrison.  A modern, yet timeless 3-hand watch with great color options

and the Edgemere Reserve.  The newest and most complicated model from Martenero featuring hour, minute, seconds, date, 24 hour indicator, and Power Reserve.  Currently in pre order for a limited time, the Edgemere Reserve is available on WatchGauge and for a limited time you can save $100 off of the MSRP (as per the date of this post).

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