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Over the years we have found that you don't have to live by the ocean to understand that simple statement. And maybe, for you, it's a lake or a pond that you spend time on, but, well, you get the meaning, The ocean, beach, dunes, reefs -- all of it -- is not only a place, but a mindset. We believe in that mindset and live it as best we can, even when we are not roaming the ocean on a journey to somewhere.

a long-time entrepreneur and designer that has worked with many major consumer brands. Brian wanted to merge the interests in his life -- the sea and watches & accessories -- into a purpose driven company. It's a natural connection -- some of the best watches are built with purpose. The original "tool watches" were diving watches, chronographs for sail racing, and tough and sturdy watches for those that work tough jobs. They are rugged, well-made, and, in the old days, affordable. Brian collected and fell in love with many of the coolest watches over the years and in 2016 starting designing his own -- finally becoming Seaborne Trading Company.

Having grown up on the Massachusetts shore, Brian and his family are committed to giving back to the communities and people working the sea, bays and costal communities every day -- regardless of conditions. We believe a company with a purpose beyond revenue is important -- we see local businesses support each other everyday, and we believe that our communities do best when we support one another.

Our coastal communities are the lifeblood to generations of small boat fishing families, shellfishing families, and the local businesses and consumers they support. Seaborne has partnered with a number of our local New England organizations that support fish, fishermen and the waters that they call home. These small business owners embrace building and maintaining sustainable fisheries for future generations and provide us with the seafood and shellfish we love.

Osprey Beachcomber Edition


Osprey Beachcomber Edition


Osprey Heritage Edition


Osprey Heritage Edition