Davosa Ternos Sixties Seahorse

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Davosa Ternos  Sixties Seahorse

Davosa Ternos Sixties Seahorse

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Ternos Sixties Seahorse Swiss-Made 40mm Golden touch Sapphire Crystal Unisex Wristwatch 16152591 Special US Edition 100 units only


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This unique series offers two different models: the Gold Seahorse and the Blue Seahorse, which present two special color combinations to suit different styles and sensibilities.

The Gold Seahorse comes from passion, and its fiery character - under a quiet exterior - is revealed in the subtle details of its dial and bezel.

Indeed, it features a black livery embellished with small touches of rose gold. In fact, the numerals on the outer bezel, hands, hour markers, and script are shown in this color and enlivened by a few red details, such as the triangle at twelve o'clock shown on the aluminum bezel and the lettering on the dial.

The Davosa Ternos Sixties faithfully echoes the skin divers of the time. The extra length hands (seconds hand hit the mark), in the 40mm diameter stainless steel case make it perfect on almost anyone's wrist - a charming, unisex watch to emphasize the wearer's sporty vocation.

The watch comes with a unidirectional aluminum bezel, also typical of timepieces of those years, and mounts a domed sapphire glass with anti-reflective treatment that protects the dial - a definite step up from the methacrylate plastic glasses used in that era.

All Davosa Ternos Sixties automatic editions mount the precise automatic caliber DAV 3021, derived from the Sellita SW200, an industry-standard, robust movement beating at 28,800 BPH which gives the watch a 42-hour power reserve.

Sizing & Fit

Width: 40mm
Thickness: 12mm
Weight: 126g
Lug Width: 40mm
Length[Lug to Lug]: 48mm

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Don Crites 
Vancouver, USUS

Good looking watch with vintage styling

I purchased this watch a few weeks ago. This is my third watch I have bought from Davosa. Previously I bought the Ternos Professional 500m Diver 42mm in blue color. I also purchased the Black Ternos Ceramic 40mm Diver 200m trialink. I like them all and think they are great watches. Now to the Ternos sixties gold seahorse special US edition for which I am currently reviewing. It is a real good-looking watch and has a definite nostalgic look. It has a very low profile at 12mm thick, and wears well on my 7 1/4" wrist. Currently it has been keeping time within (+) 9 seconds per day. The Luminova on the hands and markers stays well-lit through the night, and is still clearly visible when I wake up in the morning and see it laying on the nightstand. The crown screws in and out smoothly. When I got it the bezel's red triangular index at the 12 o'clock position was off center by about a quarter minute. I carefully removed the bezel insert and repositioned it "on center" I know how to do this properly and have experience doing this with several watches. Bezel inserts that are not lined up properly are one of my pet peeves. Improperly aligned bezel inserts seems to be "The Norm" with most watch brands. I find it very rare to purchase a watch and have the bezel line up properly. I have watches that cost several times the amount of this watch and have had the same problem. One more gripe I have about this watch is the way the bracelet links are held together with the microscopic 2-piece screws. What a hassle it was to remove some links to size it to my wrist. I have sized many watch bands over the years and have the proper tools to do so, but I have never in my life had so much difficulty sizing a watch bracelet before as I did with this one. I did finally get it done with much effort, but I would never look forward to having to do it again. I think Davosa should come up with a better way to connect the bracelet links together. A one-piece screw would sure be nice. I would rather even have push pins used if nothing else were available. Those were my only two complaints. The rest of the watch seems to be of very good quality, and as I said, it is a very good-looking watch with a true vintage vibe. I would still recommend it. Hopefully this was helpful.



Ryan North 
Los Angeles, USUS

Quality timepiece but the pictures are a deceiving.

Davosa makes very solid watches for the price. The finishing, domed sapphire crystal with AR coating and classic case and hands design are all punching way above their price. The Sellita SW200 keeps fairly average time. Mine is running at +10 seconds per day which is perfectly acceptable though not impressive. One major warning though: the styling for this watch is obviously cribbed from the Tudor Black Bay 58 HOWEVER the hands, dial indices, and bezel markings are actually ROSE gold not yellow gold as they appear in the pictures. Overall the watch is good value for money and I enjoy wearing it even though I was a bit surprised by the coloring when it arrived.



Ron Andolina 
Fort Lauderdale, USUS


Watch is not what it appears to be in pictures. No weight at all to it bracelet feels as though it is hollow. Watch looks very nice just very cheep in quality.


The Golden Seahorse - Tribute To The Classics, Built For Today!

As you secure the vintage Diver watch onto your wrist, a weighty assurance settles in.
The sturdy metal links and substantial case speak of enduring craftsmanship, resonating with the spirit of adventure.

When you wear the watch on your wrist

Its touch carries a weathered warmth against your skin, faintly scented with polished steel or aged vintage-style leather — a tribute to seasoned explorations and salty ocean air.

Special U.S Edition

Each tick feels like time's heartbeat within you, echoing stories of bravery and uncharted waters. Wearing this watch isn't just an accessory; it's a testament to resilience and the human spirit, that can be passed down from generation to generation.

DAV 3021 Caliber

As you glance at it, confidence surges. It's a silent pact with time, ready to etch your own adventures into its timeless legacy.
This watch's automatic movement editions mount the precise automatic caliber DAV 3021, derived from the Sellita SW200, an industry-standard, robust movement beating at 28,800 BPH which gives the watch a 42-hour power reserve.