The WatchGauge Story
In May of 2016 while on a business trip to Michigan, John Keil had dinner with two longtime friends and fellow watch industry veterans. In deep conversation discussing the difficulties that the high-end watch industry has been going through in recent years, the discussion shifted to the amazing boom of unique, high quality micro-brands coming to the market.
As guys who are passionate about all types of watches, all three agreed that some of these micro-brands are extremely well made, have fantastic designs, and are without a doubt one of the fastest growing luxury timepiece based communities around. The current lack of a great central location of information surrounding this community, as well as trusted source to purchase many of the best micro-brands, has made it difficult and time consuming for newer watch enthusiast to really break into, learn about, and become an owner in this new and exciting market.
This fwas the inspiration behind WatchGauge! Follow us as we guide you through this exciting new era in the watchmaking tradition!
About Our Founder
"After getting recruited as a National Sales Manager for a German watch brand in 1999, I not only found a new career, but a new passion. Always intrigued by fine timepieces, I found myself reading every industry magazine and brand catalog from cover to cover as well as speaking with anyone willing to teach me more about the watch industry, which is still my practice to this day!
After a few years, I ended up managing one of the most prestigious watch and jewelry stores in New York where I remained for almost 15 years. It was around this time in 2014 where my entrepreneurial spirit and passion for the watch industry lead me to leave the comfort of a regular paycheck and start a successful consulting business within the industry as well as become a contributing writer and resident retail expert with Quill & Pad.
I cannot be more excited to bring my lifelong passion for timepieces to our growing community in an exciting, unique blend between designers and enthusiasts.”
What puts WatchGauge above the rest?
WatchGauge will be so much more than just another site where you can buy a watch! Collectively, we have over 60 years hands-on customer experience in the watch world. This knowledge is going to be put to use researching and curating the best-of-the-best in terms of select micro-brands to partner with and promote to our community. With thousands of new brands and models coming to the market, only a very few live up to our standards and meet our following requirements of:
Fantastic construction using the best materials with great attention to detail and durability.
You won’t typically find any of our brands sitting ready in any Amazon, Overstock, or other chain warehouse.
We’re looking only for watches that have a story, quality, and designs that will initiate a conversation among friends, family, and strangers alike just glancing over at your wrist.