WatchGauge Welcomes Mercer Watches to our Family of Brands!

The latest amazing Micro Brand to partner up with us is Mercer Watches!

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About Mercer Watches

Based in historic New Jersey, Mercer Watches Founder Scott Voucolo loved fine watches but had become disenfranchised with the high prices of the major brands.  He started designing what he wanted in a watch for himself and began researching what it would take to have it made.

He conceived of a brand that to this self-proclaimed history buff would be able to tell a story and follow a theme.  That theme all started with the story of one man.  “Hugh Mercer, a doctor and Brigadier General in the Continental Army. Originally born in Scotland, he eventually relocated to the US and became a key member of George Washington’s inner circle. His death at the Battle of Princeton just a few miles from our HQ became a rallying point of the Revolution.  His name also adorns the county we are located in.”

Scott’s plan was clear from the beginning.  As he puts it, “We exist to share our love of horology with you.  In that vein, we strive to design and produce custom mechanical time pieces of the utmost quality for an affordable price. We have teamed up with some of the best names in the industry and sourced parts from all over the world to make that happen.

Fast forward to 2014, Scott launched his first model, the Brigadier on Kickstarter with a goal to raise $38,000 to produce the first run of watches.  The campaign raised over $122,000!  A huge success!

Almost 4 years later and a handful of additionally successful models, is proud to become Mercer Watches first partner retailer!

Take a look at the watches!

Mercer Brigadier Automatic

Mercer Brigadier Automatic

Mercer Voyager II

Mercer Voyager II Blue

Mercer Lexington Chronograph

Mercer Lexington Chronograph

Mercer Airfoil

Mercer Watches Airfoil


The entire Mercer collection can be seen on!  Check them out!

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