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Being a watch nut is something that if you’re seeing this, you can totally relate to.  Every once in a while something new happens in our industry that is unlike anything that came before it.  This is the case with MyWatchLifestyle with Ty Brown.  I was lucky enough to take a trip down to Philadelphia to sit with him and be a guest for an episode of #CookingWithWatches on  Take a look!

Ty comes from the world of video and audio production.  A few years ago he got turned on to the world of timepieces and was instantly hooked.  With his honest, down to earth vibe, he began to document his love of watches and the great people who are as passionate as he is.

I truly believe what makes this industry so fantastic is the people.  Particularly those individuals who are thinking differently, and creating something entirely new.  My very favorite quote is by Walt Disney and a copy of it hangs in my kitchen at home.

Walt Disney Quote

Ty Brown is living that quote.  I applaud him and everyone else in this industry such as the micro brand owners who are forging new paths and new ways of doing things in this typically old, and very traditional industry.

Be sure to follow Ty Brown and‘s social media and spread the word on what he’s doing!  He is passionate about watches and he deserves the attention.

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