WatchGauge is the Exclusive US Retailer to Balticus Watches!

WatchGauge is the Exclusive US Retailer to Balticus Watches!

So I've had my eye on Balticus Watches for a long time now.

I first fell for the brand when I saw the that great dial on the Steel Wave, part of the Grey Seal Collection!  The wave on the dial is a depiction of The Great Wave off Kanagawa.  The wave is painted in Superluminova, and is sure to catch attention in daylight or in the dark.

Balticus is a microbrand founded and based in Poland by Bartosz Knop.  Bartosz and I have been discussing our partnership for a few months and finally we've come to an agreement.

 And the Wave isn't the only piece in the Grey Seal Collection.  The Grey Seal with Grey dial as well as the Blue dial are both knockout watches on their own accord!  The dials are a gradient from dark on top to light on the bottom of the dial.

If the Wave and the Grey Seal aren't cool enough, Balticus isn't a 'one-collection' brand.

They've also got the Stardust and the Moonphase collections.

The stardust is very Genta-esque, reminiscent of watches from the early 70's such as the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak and the Patek Nautilus, but for me I feel that it resembles the Vacheron Constantine Overseas Collection.  But certainly not a direct homage.

The dial is peppered with what I would call gold dust.  In different angles and different lights, the gold specks in the dial dance like stars in the night sky!

You can see the insane dial in this great review by Colin Weaver from the Diver's Watches Facebook Group.

These watches are available now on WatchGauge.  I am super stoked because I truly love every watch in the brands arsenal.  And at the end of the day, that's my focus with WatchGauge.  To offer brands and watches that I myself would love to own and wear.



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