Unboxing of Ocean Crawler, Balticus, AND NTH

Unboxing of Ocean Crawler, Balticus, AND NTH

Last week while sitting at my desk, I hear a "Cha-Ching" come from my iPhone.  That's the sound that happens from my Shopify App every time there's a sale on WatchGauge.  It's quite fun actually.

I check the alert on my home screen and it turned out that my good friend Brad, host of The Budding Watch Enthusiast on YouTube had purchased a NTH Nacken Renegade!
I texted him to say "Thank You" for his business and as I started packing his new watch, I continued to text and said "hey, since I'm sending you something, would you like a watch or two that you can review on your channel?" and he replied "Sure!".
So here we are a week later and Brad did an unboxing of the goodies that I sent him.  Two Ocean Crawlers, two Balticus watches, and of course the NTH Nacken Renegade that he bought.
Check out the video!

A big thank you to Brad for the video!

I hope you enjoy your NTH and I'm looking forward to the full review of the Ocean Crawlers and Balticus watches!

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