The Electricianz Watches Now on WatchGauge

The Electricianz Watches Now on WatchGauge

Skeleton dials in mechanical watches have always been about flaunting the timepieces' beautiful inner workings – at least those that the manufacturers deem worthy of adoration.

Rarely have we seen openwork dial watches with quartz movements. The occasional openwork dial watches with quartz movements created in recent years have at best tried to imitate the appearance of actual mechanical movements.
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We have seen our fair share of dials embellished with patterns of barrels and gear wheels; however, most of them seem pale in comparison to the authentic movements that power mechanical skeleton watches. While some people could argue that quartz movements do not have much to be admired, times have changed. Until recently, watch designers hardly put any effort into making the elements in quartz movements the focal point of their designs. In The Electricianz, however, WatchGauge is proud to present to you a brand that consistently delivers this much-coveted feature.

The Brand
The Electricianz is a Swiss watch brand that treats watch lovers across the globe to an assortment of affordable quartz timepieces designed with a special emphasis on their electrical allure. Similar to mechanical watches with skeletonized dials that reveal their movements' fascinating inner workings, the Electricianz watches come with dials that display their conductors and battery. While these watches come across as highly fashionable, they should be interesting enough for the watch enthusiasts with a greater appreciation for functionality.

Laurent Rufenacht (founder and CEO) and Arnaud Duval (creative director) – the people that brought us SevenFriday – are the same brilliant minds behind this exciting brand. Laurent Rufenacht also founded Studio Divine, the Switzerland-based design agency responsible for designing the SevenFriday and Electricianz watches. Both brands and their respective design subjects have an indistinguishable youthful and urban feel. The industrial themes synonymous with SevenFriday watches are a testament to this.

The electricity-inspired brand debuted with three models available in several color schemes. Each model features a decent-sized 45mm-wide stainless steel casing with a "mass-colored nylon" coating on a calfskin leather NATO or calfskin leather strap. Depending on your model of choice, you get either PVD coated steel or polished bezels. At first glance, you may not notice the slightly asymmetrical case shape, as can be seen where the lugs attach to the case. The watches' cases are made of raised, hardened mineral glass and are water-resistant up to 30m.

Visible through the dial is a partially exposed base Miyota 2033 movement with an inbuilt Electricianz module. The 1X flat cell battery with a three-year lifespan is always on display at the 9 o'clock mark. The dial provides some information about the battery with engravings such as "lithium battery, 3V and 32768 Hz." It is perhaps safe to assume that the "steel cables" with copper-colored PVD are decorative.

The subdial that indicates the time reveals an exposed electromagnetic coil/electrical conductor and includes four LED lights that you can activate by pressing the pusher on the case directly adjacent to the 2 o'clock mark. Written on the caseback are some playful, electrical-themed warnings, basic information and an "NFC inside" sign that shows the watch contains an NFC chip for wireless connectivity with other nearby NFC enabled devices. Theoretically, you could share data with other devices and perform authentications using these watches.

A Vibrant Collection
The electric appeal of these watches does not stop at displaying the electrical components "hidden" within their mechanisms. Evidently, these watches draw some inspiration from the industrial design, with a "contemporary steampunk" vibe that represents an energy hidden underneath the surface.

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The color palettes, among other finer elements on the timepieces, feel celebratory of the high-octane lifestyle synonymous with youthfulness. Overall, the designs available in the collection exude a sense of offbeat expression and fresh ideas that characterize most underground cultures. The collection is all about prioritizing the elements that make everything work without comprising the ability to express individuality.

The Ammeter
The Ammeter is arguably the most vibrant watch in the collection. Its incorporation of bright red and yellow radiates the sizzling energy of urban culture. The black calfskin leather NATO strap with red stitches does an excellent job at complimenting the pusher, crown and bezel in black PVD. Add in the mineral glass with a fanciful design of electric details, and The Ammeter easily becomes one of the most audacious and expressive watches in the collection.

The Dresscode
This watch brings a new meaning to "power dressing." The Dresscode established the foundational design principles of strength and definitiveness that the brand was built on and will likely follow in the future. As black is a symbol of power and authority (from a purely psychological standpoint), this timepiece comes primarily in black and is one of the collection's most traditional offerings. However, do not let its conservative appearance deceive you. The Dresscode is bold enough to include an LED pusher, a polished stainless steel bezel and PVD treated, dull gold crown and rivets. This watch embodies the spirit of independence.

The Mokaz: Bronze Meets Beauty
Sporting a very industrial look, The Mokaz has a deep, bronze luster thanks to its PVD treated crown, LED pusher and cable connectors within the case. The cable connectors perfectly complement the exposed electromagnetic conductor coil, and all the bronze elements blend effortlessly with the sandblasted, dark grey dial and case. The Mokaz is reminiscent of autumn colors, with a brown, calfskin leather strap to complete its beautiful design.

The Blackout
The stark contrast between The Blackout's dark colors and the lit hour marker ring make this watch such a treat for LED lovers. The Blackout's nylon case features a prominently charcoal grey face containing real carbon compounds that add to its rich charcoal texture. The off-center dial covered in patinated brass also adds to the grunge look while the sheen from the black PVD treatment on the crown, LED pusher and bezel make up for an interesting contrast.

Buy or Shortlist?
Romanticizing electricity is somewhat of a novel idea. The Electricianz watches come across as retro-nostalgic considering modern watch trends such as microscopic silicon chips and touchscreen navigation. With a distinctive steampunk element, these timepieces consistently express a high-octane design ideology and an electric heart and soul at the center of everything.

Although these watches retail on the slightly higher end of the price spectrum, they are definitely worth the money for a unique, out of the box experience. Check out the entire collection and get your favorite timepiece in your color of choice today here at WatchGauge.

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