One watch, Many Looks!  The Sartory Billard SB02

One watch, Many Looks! The Sartory Billard SB02

Many of us have the same routine prior to strapping on our watch.

"What do I have on my agenda today?"  and "What am I wearing?"

Then we go to our watch box and choose a fitting watch from our collection.

Admittedly, I often choose my outfit based on which watch I want to wear.

That said, what if one watch could be altered to almost any outfit or any occasion?

Well now there is one!  Welcome Sartory Billard and the SB02!

Sartory Billard SB02


It's easy.

Then add some additional bezels...

Then add some additional straps...

The result?

There are new Bezels and Straps being added all of the time, so you can continuously add to your SB02!

Check out our introduction video on the WatchGauge YouTube Channel.  I also demonstrate customizing your Sartory Billard SB02.


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