NTH Low Inventory Alert (12/02/2021)

NTH Low Inventory Alert (12/02/2021)

WatchGauge is running critically low on NTH Inventory rolling into the holiday season.


Long story short...
Azzurro – last in the world
Santa Cruz – last 1 in the US (only 2 left in the world)
Scorpene Blue – last 1 in the US (only 5 left in the world)
Barracuda Vintage Black (v.2) – Only 3 left on WatchGauge, 7 left in the world
Nacken Modern Black (v.2) – last 1 in the US
DevilRay, Blue – Last few in the US
DevilRay, Turquoise – Last few in the US Antilles Hpnotiq – Only 1 left on WatchGauge

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