My Personal Journey Through the Wrist Watch Industry

My Personal Journey Through the Wrist Watch Industry

At the request of WatchGauge clients and subscribers, I am putting forth an effort to add content to the WatchGauge YouTube Channel that isn't just about the watches and brands that we sell. 

I posed the question in my last video "What do you guys want to see me talk about on this channel?"
A lot of great responses came in, and the one that was mentioned a handful of times is, tell us about how you got into the watch industry or, tell us about your history in the watch industry.
I hope you enjoy!


My first position was as the Brand Manager for Chronoswiss, USA. 

From there I managed Maddaloni Jewelers and sold a ton of fantastic brands such as Audemars Piguet, Ulysse Nardin, TAG Heuer, Girard Perregaux, and about 20 others.

I ventured off on my own in 2014, and on September 1st, 2017, I launched WatchGauge!

Please let me know what topics you'd like for me to discuss.
Would you like to be a guest on the channel and tell us about your journey or collection?
Let me know!  Email me at
Cheers and Thanks for "Watching"!

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