Get to Know: MTK Watches!

Get to Know: MTK Watches!

MTK watches got started like many micro brands...

Greg Martin started as an enthusiast, He has always owned watches back to the original plastic Swatch watches which were all the craze in 1980's.

"I would never say that I was a collector, but I've always had at least one watch. Fast forward to being more of an adult - I owned Fossils, Invictas , G-Shocks, and the like".

He goes on to say then he eventually saw the light and found Micro brands. He loved the variety from homages to wild designs. Greg's day job is a brewery owner.

"I started a brewery in NY in 2008. There is tremendous similarity to the craft beer industry and the micro brand watch industry. In 2017 I was thinking of developing a watch brand to occupy my mind. I really dove into researching the industry and started pursuing designs, etc.. That process is what lead us to this point."


MTK is an abbreviation for Montauk.

Montauk is the eastern most town at the tip of Long Island, NY. It is a unique town... an ocean beachside tourist attraction, surf spot, fishing village, and the site of a former Cold War military installation called “Camp Hero” which has an interesting conspiracy theory history. It ranges from Blue collar residents to celebrities and some of the wealthiest Americans.

“Vibe” is the best way to describe it. Montauk is a laid back, casual party spot, kind of rolled into one. "We hope to bring to you that Vibe with our designs."

The “New York” chronograph is the total “vibe” to me. It’s sporty, casual and still can be a dress watch. That kind of hits all that is Montauk and New York is."

Only 50 pieces were produced of each dial color.


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