5 of the Most Memorable Watches I've Ever Sold

5 of the Most Memorable Watches I've Ever Sold

As I continue putting out content that isn't ONLY about the watches that I sell on WatchGuage, a client had asked about some of the most interesting watches that I'd ever sold, and I thought it might make for an interesting story...  So here goes.

As many of you know, prior to owning WatchGauge, I was in the high-end side of the industry since 1999.  First as the National Sales Manager of Chronoswiss, then I managed a high-end store here in New York.  During that time I'd sold some very fun and interesting watches.  I picked 5 to talk about in the video below.  Enjoy!

First is the Chronoswiss Opus - Platinum Limited Edition.

 Chronoswiss Opus in Platinum

Limited to only 15 or 25 pieces, this was an interesting sale.  First it was the most expensive watch I'd sold up this point in my career at $35,000.  But it was the fun nature in which I'd sold it...

Second is the Audemars Piguet - Jules Audemars Equation of Time

Audemars Piguet Equation of Time

One of the coolest complications in a mechanical wristwatch, the Equation of Time is a Perpetual calendar which also tells you the sun is going to rise and set.  The movement also has to be geared custom to the client...

Third we have the Christophe Claret - Poker Watch

Christophe Claret Poker

If you like Texas Hold'em and Roulette, this is the watch for you!
With the press of a button, It'll shuffle the deck and give you your hole cards.  Another button will show the flop, then the turn, then the river.  The winding rotor is also....


Fourth is two watches from Ulysse Nardin

The Royal Blue Tourbillon and the Safari Minute Repeater

Ulysse Nardin Royal Blue Tourbillon and Safari Minute Repeater

The Royal Blue Tourbillon is a unique watch where most of the non moving parts of the movement are made of sapphire crystal.
The Safari Minute Repeater features a hand painted enamel dial which is animated.  The animals on the dial move once the minute repeater is activated!

 And last, but not least...


The TAG Heuer - Carrera 80th Edition

TAG Heuer Carrera 80th Edition


The watch, although cool, isn't the reason it is on the list.  It was the unique circumstances behind the sale.
To hear about it, and all of the other watches listed above, watch the video at the top of the page.

And Thanks for 'Watching'!

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