Idiot’s Guide Watch Depth Rating

Idiot’s Guide Watch Depth Rating

Watch Depth rating can be a little bit confusing.

The watch industry often uses unnecessary jargon on the topic of watch depth rating.  In this Idiot’s Guide, we make it very simple for you understand the different terms.  At the bottom of the post, I’ll list some do’s and don’t tips as well.


For all intents and purposes, consider a Bar and a ATM equal, both of which = 33 feet deep.

Watches with no depth rating at all or less than 100 feet, I wouldn’t even consider showering with. That being said, below is an easy to understand chart detailing what you may or may not do with your watch based on their depth rating.

Watch Depth Rating Chart

Important Note:  There are some things you just wouldn’t want to do no matter what depth your watch is related to.  For instance, going into a hot tub or steam bath.  Although unlikely, it is possible for the combination of hot temperatures and moisture to penetrate the seals.  Also, for activities such as water skiing, wake boarding, jet skiing, etc. I would be sure that your watch is rated to over 500 meters.  The impact of your watch hitting the water can be much more pressure than going 50 or 100 meters deep.

Interesting information: Learn about some of the deepest dive watches with a very cool interactive visual in TOP 10 WATCHES THAT DIVE TO THE DEEPEST DEPTHS by Kate Lawler and IW Magazine from August 2013

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